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Hobday Empath


Soulful vocals and warm production meet with catchy yet smooth melodies as Hobday introduces his brand new single Empath.

Melodically pure, meandering and consistently creative, Empath unites stylish production qualities with a poetic and thoughtful undertone. The lyrics quickly reach out for their unusually contemplative nature. This sort of long-form RnB arrangement doesn’t often delve into these subjects so openly and with so much captivating imagery – sacred garden ancient scrolls.. drifting through my mind like an ocean.

Weave in a strong groove and a continuously evolving soundscape, one that soon progresses into artistic trip hop realms, and the completed track proves far more unpredictable than its opening tones imply.

The song’s hook in particular sees dashes of EDM fall into place, trippy details ignite for a hypnotic moment of escapism, which resolves the longer melodic moments from earlier in a beautiful way.

Interestingly honest yet also impressive in terms of its production and the creative freedom exercised throughout, Empath is an engaging and refreshing new single. I’ll be keen to hear where else the music takes Hobday, and what other topics will come to light in the process.

Download Empapth via Apple. Check out Hobday on Facebook, Twitter & IG or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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