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Hobart Breathe


Rolling EDM synths and classic dance rhythms pave the way for the uniquely self-reflective lyrics and emo vocals of Hobart’s latest single. Breathe rises up from brightness to euphoric passion, calming things out beautifully before the final peak of rising anticipation.

An outright dance anthem with a welcomed twist of creative identity, Breathe makes fine use of long-form retro synth melodies and lyrical poetry all at once – a combination gifted all the more poignant humanity thanks to the clearly emotive rasp and devotion of our leading vocalist.

Structurally the track is boldly refreshing, that growing energy and anticipation extending past the expected simplicity of the mainstream, and instead presenting an addictive intensity – one that ultimately connects for its pure dance euphoria and deeper contemplative undertones all at once.

Engaging for the fullness of the arrangement and the raw energy and intentions of the writing, Breathe introduces the defiant return of artist and producer Hobart, with hints of influence from the uplifting power of music in its many forms. There’s clear nostalgia in this EDM set-up and pace, the synths and effects chosen, but then there’s an originality and honesty to the writing and the somewhat pop-punk or emo-rock performance and writing. That balance works well, and the songwriting behind Breathe is an undeniable strength.

Well-worth a few streams at volume this season – escape into the soundscape and passionate conviction of a song designed to relieve its listeners of the weight of the world for a while.

Download Breathe via Apple & look out for the next single from December 1st. Find Hobart on Instagram, Twitter & TikTok. Check out Hobart’s daily game show LivePlayBingo.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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