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Hipe The Nomad Like a Marley (Feat. OGYenny)


Hipe The Nomad joins forces with OGYenny for this smooth and mellow summer hit. Underlining dashes of influence from the likes of dance-hall and hip hop all at once, the song takes its time to fill the room, leading from a dreamlike aura into a delicate bounce of a beat, progressing from simple, catchy melodic development to a more London-inspired rap flow. There’s a clear dynamic created between the two artists, but more than this, the soundscape effectively reflects that dynamic – reinforcing both the London and Saint Lucia aspects that run deep for each performer.

Like A Marley¬†is a simple hit of a track. From a distance, crisp and calming production allows the rhythm and flow of the song to connect in a quickly likable way – that title concept too, appeals for its historical relevance and the cultural implications. There’s nothing overbearing about the release, nothing unnecessary comes through – the finished piece actually has a certain humble nature to it; that’s why it works.

The hook is incredibly addictive and memorable once you’ve heard it appear a couple of times, yet it manages to be that without utilizing anything pointlessly quirky or intrusive; as is more commonly the way with pop. The alternative angle works well, and this fairly laid-back, chilled out vibe fused with a mildly darker chord progression all works hard to offer the perfect accompaniment for those early evening or late night moments alike.

The second time the track kicks up, those gentle retro synths rain down in a quickly familiar way. Then you get the beautifully smooth and softly soulful vocal melody, and slowly but surely the scene is set before you. Moments of quiet and stillness are followed and contrasted by those that hit with a little more pace and energy, and the same goes for the return to a more peaceful approach. This continues throughout, adding structure and really helping hold tight to your attention until the end. An easy song to escape amidst, and a pleasure to have reappear within just about any contemporary playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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