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Hide Your Mother Attention Needed


London’s Hide Your Mother pour through the speakers with absolute grit and intensity for this latest release.

Attention Needed kicks into gear with a uniquely electronic-toned blues-rock riff, distorted and heavy, high energy. Immediately there’s a sense of uplift, motivation, swagger. Then this wall of audio falls away a little, and the vocal stands tall in its own right, laying bare a string of poetically vague yet fascinating lyrics.

There’s a hint of Awolnation to the use of contrast here, the sudden drop from quietness into immense power and fuzz. At other times, the lead vocals lean towards the more classic rock and roll stars from way back when – Led Zeppelin, AC/DC. Occasionally the sound even tips its hat to the likes of Papa Roach. All the while, as these fragments of comparison emerge, the song continues to weave around you its own refreshing alt-rock soundscape of ever-changing strength and emotion. Three minutes and forty four seconds has scarcely felt so epic a journey in recent years.

The band have crafted this really well, the song itself hits hard and offers the classic escapism of real music. In addition, the performance is stunning – a live show is a must for those who stumble upon the opportunity. Hide Your Mother tick a whole lot of boxes. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes them.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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