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HiClassJay Deuces Wild


Clocking in at barely past the two-minute mark, Deuces Wild is every bit as fast-paced as its light yet industrial beat and vocal-line imply.

A breathless delivery from HiClassJay, smooth and impressive yet relentless from start to finish, accompanies a creative and spacious soundscape, with flashes of production detail and effects that subtly but surely help build the intensity.

Resolving at the half-way mark with a switch back to a lower vocal tone, the track presents this repeated rise in passion and energy. The vocal seems to spiral upwards, the tone reaching higher and higher, almost as if you’re falling through the funnel of the concept and this retro, haunting ambiance.

No filler necessary, nothing included simply to grab attention – Deuces Wild is refreshing in a nostalgic, minimalist fashion. The beat hits hard for its striking sense of character and a select few infectious layers, the vocal hits with similar impact for its framing of bars, its faultless delivery, and the refusal to pause or allow things to fall below the high bar set from the offset. The effect of all of this is a track that impresses and captivates more and more so as it moves along – and again with each revisit.

Taking a decidedly creative approach to contemporary hip hop – a dash of Tyler, The Creator, but with a notably faster pace – HiClassJay takes full command of the space on this one, and the results speak volumes on behalf of authenticity, talent and confidence.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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