HezaGenius - METATRON - Stereo Stickman



Electronic weight and clear creativity carve out a uniquely interesting soundscape – within which HezaGenius kicks up with an energising, poetic and smartly framed rap style. METATRON is the project, and it introduces a refreshingly intelligent and captivating approach to both lyricism and production.

The Plot Thickens is an easy anthem to start off with, utilising contrast effectively as the weight switches to delicacy and calm for the mid-section, just one of a plethora of artistic choices and intricacies that light up the entire progression.

These qualities continue throughout the album, highlighting HezaGenius as a lyrical leader, both compelling and original. And then there’s the music – marching to the beat of its own intentions, unafraid and unaffected by the industry and the trends.

Tom Hanks Shit keeps the darkness, weight and confidence at the forefront, backed by an operatic, cinematic ambiance that furthers the intensity. From here you’re involved, the ten-track project appealing for its freedom of expression and skill alike. Well worth a listen.

Download or stream METATRON here. Check out HezaGenius on IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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