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Herb Shaw Reason For Squeezin


Reason For Squeezin is a track that I’ve been familiar with for a little while now, and it never loses its freshness. The sheer soul and ultimate good vibes expressed in this three and a half minute space are incredibly uplifting.

There’s something about the way the artist has combined these elements; the simplicity of the beat – organic and consistent – the beauty and realness of the leading vocal performance, complete with character and unique inflections and expressions, the harmonies, and every little thing that comes into play as the music progresses. The essence of what makes music so addictive and powerful is this wonderful energy you get from a track that has got everything just right for the moment and the vibe suggested by the subject matter.

There’s a feeling of good times and love throughout the track, there are snippets of a female vocal added in at times, there is a chorus or choir of male vocals in the backdrop – another instrument added to the mix – and it all just works, really well. The melody of the track and the chord progression have a similar simplicity to the beat, but what brings it all to life is the sound of these vocals, the soul and the passion, the energy, and the believably of it all.

The song is addictive in the way that I Need a Dollar was, but it’s something fresh for us to obsess about. Furthermore, Herb Shaw has a sound that is hugely unique right now, it’s compelling to listen to, and the prospect of more music is exciting. This is the kind of sound you could listen to all day, on a long drive, or to lift your spirits a little when things take a turn for the downside. It’s a brilliant track.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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