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Hege Turøy Ingenting (Remix)


Creatively crisp, unique and interesting from the outset, progressing into heavily bass-led dance realms – Norway’s Hege Turøy brings soulful energy and brightness to the contemporary pop scene with this new release.

Featuring multiple layers of organic musicianship, from strings to live drums, along with plenty that’s programmed and retro in its electronic weight, Ingenting (Remix) proves a colourful and uplifting listen, with a memorable melodic progression and drop into the hook that works well regardless of any possible language barrier.

Beautifully crafted, a folk-pop hit with a timeless injection of dance power for a truly vibrant remix, the single highlights mighty vocals from Hege, and celebrates the simple act of doing nothing. There’s beauty in appreciating the moment, in being alive – taking the day off to revel in the natural wonder of life. This single illuminates this idea in everything from the lyrics to the very embrace and bounce of the music.

A wonderful way to drown out the weight of the world this summer.

Check out Hege Turøy on Facebook or visit her Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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