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Heather VanSaint Promised Land


The recent release by Heather VanSaint is a track that stands entirely unique in both the writing style and the musicality of it all. The beat that kicks it off sets a great vibe, then what follows is a fairly unexpected and brilliantly unusual melody and progression of chords. The music and the vocal stand together perfectly within the track, and at times – it’s almost a trip-hop meets David Bowie kind of musical art, which is incredible; a winning fusion of inspiration and creativity if ever there was one.

There’s no complacency within the music, the lyrics are pretty out there, as is that melody in the verses, and then quite cleverly – when it gets to the chorus section, the promised land itself, I suppose – everything becomes a little clearer. The mist settles, in a way, and so you get this track that incorporates alternative art and freedom, with radio worthy, crowd captivating song writing. Really impressive.

The chorus is where the melody and the lyrics suddenly seem to feel familiar and inclusive, so you’ve had your attention captivated by intrigue and art so far, to then be welcomed and warmed by the memorable and gentle nature of the hook. It’s really clever. This kind of song writing is extremely rare, and it’s a shame – it sounds fantastic, it creates that atmosphere of escapism for the listeners, and at the same time it showcases an artist who is drenched in creativity and exploration. Never boring, never quite doing what you might expect.

Lyrically wonderful, musically uninhibited – the very best kind of unusual, and alongside all of this; the vocal performance itself delivers these lines and melodies in a smooth and soft manner. It’s a calm and seductive kind of voice that you can’t help but be drawn in by. It all feels like a very personal experience. A really nice effect and generally impressive song crafting. Definitely worth taking the time out to listen to.

Tune in and look out for more from London based artist Heather VanSaint. The track Promised Land is from the newly released EP entitled It Was Worth It. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates and to look out for a live show.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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