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Heathcote Hill Promised Land


Fresh from the top of the playlist that is the brand new album Fight Another Day, Promised Land kicks things off with a heavy folk-rock, Americana-soaked core, and a contrastingly delicate, soulful vocal that’s quickly inviting.

As the track builds, it gathers momentum in a natural, organic and brilliantly entrancing manner. At the same time, the lyrics work hard to create this poetic yet deeply thoughtful story-line around listeners, enveloping them entirely in this ambient, rhythmic world of imagery and promises of a better place.

Coming in at just under the three minute mark, Promised Land sounds bigger than it ought to – the latter half in particular sees flickers of detail subtly add hints of further power and colour that really helps increase that weight and rising energy implied by the beginning. Again, the vocal continues to hold close to its smooth and seductive nature – a quality that runs throughout the album, undoubtedly giving Heathchote Hill a sound that’s entirely their own; and one that captivates beautifully.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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