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Heads or Heads What’s That


A near-minute instrumental intro sets the bar high in itself for this release from producer and artist Heads Or Heads. The opening groove, the organic bounce of the music, fused with the electronic consistency of the beat, is more than enough to get your head bobbing along and to create a sort of alternative trip-hop aura that’s very easy to escape into.

As it happens, this is merely just the beginning. What’s That soon evolves to become a whole host of other things that you likely never saw coming. There’s poetic lyricism at work for one, plus a soulful yet distant vocal delivery that begs to connect, and then there are these thoughtful structural shifts – the likes of which help paint a complex and ever-changing story-line before you. That escapism isn’t overtaken, but rather – it’s enhanced immensely. The track moves from light and colourful to loaded with depth and unpredictable perspective.

The lyrics linger with you after listening – as does that optimistic bass-line. And all the while, very few – if any – comparisons come to mind. This is simply creative freedom at work – albeit with a knowing, professional backbone so as to let everything reach out and work its magic in the most memorable way possible. Simplicity seems to be the key, but mixed in among this are more than a few intricacies and details that intrigue and appeal for their honest and considerate nature.

What’s That is an easily recognisable yet simultaneously humble new track. It introduces Heads or Heads – AKA, Alex Harbolt – as an artist with an unconcerned approach to artistry. Being that his primary art form of choice is film making, it will be interesting to hear where else the music world takes him as the months and years roll by.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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