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Hayden Birch True You


Straight from the upcoming Pharmacoping project, which will see its collection released single by single over the coming months, True You introduces the artist and songwriter Hayden Birch with a decidedly thoughtful, intricate and emotive style.

Following the simplicity of a piano chord progression, alongside a contemporary, trap-style rhythm and a few electro or EDM flickers of vocal sound-play, True You features a meandering yet distant, quiet vocal lead, which takes us through the details of the story.

The melody starts at its high points and descends throughout lines, creating a hypnotic effect that suits the jazz-cafe core and escapism of the soundscape beautifully well.

Conceptually the lyrics take something of a backseat to the overall mood, thanks to quietly mixed vocals and a general sense of calm. However, once you tune in fully, with high-quality headphones or speakers, the intimacy and vulnerability of the writing begins to connect. This conversation with the self, references to loneliness, uncertainty, a sense of longing, all reaches out with a certain poignancy – particularly given this largely isolated twelve months we’ve all shared. The idea of the True You lingers in the mind as strongly as the wave-like embrace of the music.

Throw in a distorted guitar solo for added soul at the final hurdle, and the track effectively weaves its passionate web around listeners in a memorable and fairly addictive way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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