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Hannan Realign (Charm Offensive)


Driving with precisely the kind of hard-rock ambiance that envelops and engages a listener, Realign kicks off the new project from Hannan with a smooth yet explosive peak.

The design of this opening track is powerful, you get the clarity and kick of the lead riff immediately at contrast with the warm wash created by the distorted power-chords and overtones elsewhere. This introduction is mighty, it prompts the true rock fan to turn up the volume and completely escape into the moment.

What the band do next is equally effective. The music falls away just slightly, as a clean-cut and characterful voice offers up a long-form melody and notably personal, honest string of lyrics. Here comes a little nostalgia, almost feeling punk-pop-like in tone, but being far too emotionally poignant to simply fall into that category. There’s a depth and intention here, and the hook seals the deal – finalising the process, and making this an absolute anthem for the disenchanted.

Charm Offensive in full is a blissfully strong project, which introduces Hannan as a rock band well worth knowing about as the genre re-connects with the mainstream over the coming years.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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