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Hannah’s Yard With You All The Way


Bringing music fans a classic pop feel but with a notably funk-inspired backdrop, Hannah’s Yard fuse a collection of good vibes on this single – offering a fine balance between nostalgia and now. With You All The Way has a definite pop quality in terms of the manner in which the melody develops, the way the hook hits, and indeed the way the leading voice delivers all of this. Musically though, the track creates its own rules, building around you a refreshingly organic soundscape – presenting a scene that’s easy to imagine as a live performance.

Despite the musical warmth and even thickness of certain moments – particularly the drop following the build-up – the leading voice has a consistent delicacy to it that keeps a strong dynamic alive and well throughout the entire release. By the time the song has finished, those vocal snippets that introduce it and run throughout are likely to be the main thing you take away. Even later on, as the music starts up again – it’s easy to recognise this central melody and the accompanying light funk of the instrumentation. A touch of Get Lucky spans the backdrop and again contrasts with that central softness. This softness is what compels you to listen to the lyrics though – an effective touch and a further testament to the collective’s own sense of identity.

As far as pop songs go, this is precisely the kind of piece you could expect to hear on various mainstream radio stations – the familiarity, the memorable nature of the hook, the concept and this underlying idea of togetherness; it all breathes life and optimism into the scene. The added benefit of course is that the music has the natural feel – you can picture the live show, you can appreciate the musicality, the skill and the performances across the board. It’s an easy hit, and it’s out now for you to enjoy.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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