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Hamed Ansari In Your Presence


Setting the mood from the outset with a sort of dreamlike, ambient and partly organic introduction, Hamed Ansari creates a perfectly intentional bit of artistry with this latest single.

Coming in at close to the five-minute-mark, In Your Presence takes its time to build and envelop listeners. Starting with a somewhat nostalgic, Pink Floyd-esque dash of guitar and reverb, with minimal vocal suggestion, the track soon goes onto evolve into this eighties-inspired dance realm – complete with euphoric synths, immersive rhythms, and a Depeche Mode-like vocal lead that quickly weaves its melody into your headspace.

The fragments of guitar from earlier soon reappear, ultimately presenting a multi-layered cinematic soundscape, alongside a song that proves conceptually provocative, intriguing, and refreshingly interesting.

Showcasing a clear sense of creative freedom, Ansari takes full command of the creative space, keeping things original yet utilising the known to be effective building blocks at the same time – great production, emotion, the finer layers of intricacy for calming escapism.

Everything connects beautifully within the realms of the track, and it makes for an easy place to turn whenever the weight of the world gets a little too intense.

Download or stream In Your Presence here. Check out Hamed Ansari on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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