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H.I.M. Vol. 2 H.I.M. (HER In Mind)


H.I.M is an artist with a uniquely beautiful voice that stands tall among its peers right now. This project compiles tracks that showcase that voice and its delicate, passionate intricacies under an alternative, RnB-meets-hip-hop sort of light, keeping the vibe mellow and seductive and keeping your mind on that delivery.

Only Way is the opener and sets the bar high, a song with a superbly crisp and immersive beat. From the offset, the music melts your stresses away, holding tight to a stylish presentation but calming you down nonetheless. H.I.M is fearless when it comes to performance, he lays bare his intimate truths and desires with both his lyrics and his vocal style. You can hear this throughout, and though the mood lifts up a little as the rest of the project pours through, that sense of character and confidence proves to be inherent in his approach.

As an EP, Vol2 is eclectic to the right extent, in my opinion. Fans of The Weeknd or classic RnB alike will see something worth enjoying here. The music takes a little from hip hop and melodic soul in equal parts, the stories are unapologetically open and revealing, and that lets audiences feel that closeness, that connection and understanding. Say Less is far more of a memorable pop tune than the opener, less unique perhaps but that isn’t a bad thing – it’s quite fitting in seeing the artist push through those independent barriers and reach as wide an audience as possible. Elsewhere on the EP things continue to grow and let you get even closer to the man behind the music.

Performance-wise, production-wise, and creatively, everything about this project has been masterfully and emotionally crafted. Absolutely worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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