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Contemporary sound-play and a creative fusion of timeless sentiments and outright character – producer and artist Gye delivers a four-track EP devoted to the search for love.

Taking on the concept by way of an extensive deep-dive into metaphorical representation, GEAR emerges as a series of scenes and melodies stumbled upon in another dimension – one within which drugs are literally women, thus the search for love becomes inseparable from the pursuit of intoxication and, perhaps ultimately, addiction.

Cocaine marks a fine beginning, colourful lo-fi production and quirky vocals blending Hip Hop and RnB across an array of scenes and images. Good vibes contrast the inebriating topic at hand, and as such the completed piece offers relatability and a smooth hit of escapism all at once.

Elsewhere we get the heavier impact of Heroin – this effected and trembling vocal now unmistakable. Suddenly the mood is contemplative, melancholic, leaning towards the dark and seductive tones of The Weeknd. This breathy and vast presentation is all the more alluring, simple yet striking as it loops a single line and sentiment out and around the listener – the music gathering subtle yet gripping momentum along the way.

From intravenous intensity to the multi-colored delicacy and embrace of a joyful trip, LSD again makes fine use of those creative tendencies that are now renowned amidst the Gye sound, and weaves a hopeful web of romantic entanglement. Cleverly as ever, the song effectively blurs the lines between hard-drugs and genuine human intimacy – making it an easy go-to anthem for late-night lovers and dizzy insomniacs alike.

Wrapping things up is another stylishly relevant ode to a certain vibe. Molly picks up the excitement and energy, delving into a faster-paced vocal outpouring with an ethereal, immersive soundscape and lighter rhythm to match. Once again, the sound is naturally recognizable as Gye, though the track employs impressive versatility from the three surrounding it.

GEAR in full underlines this strength, Gye’s ability to be entirely true to the artistic intentions of the project, and to showcase an equally eclectic, uninhibited approach to crafting original music.

An easy place to escape for a while, with a refreshingly unexpected conceptual backbone to enhance the effect.

Album out March 30th – Download or stream it here. Find Gye on Soundcloud, Twitter, TikTok & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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