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Guy Freedom English Dark Side of The Rainbow


Progressive rock intensity and organic musicianship immediately elevate the fast-paced ferocity and melodic venture of Guy Freedom English‘ latest album. Prelude is the opener, and every bit as brief yet epic as its name implies.

Featuring soaring guitar progressions and the live crash of drums, alongside nostalgic vocals and storytelling akin to a simpler era, Dark Side Of The Rainbow proceeds to weave an enchanting web of hellish poetic reflections and equal parts distortion and groove.

The title-track introduces the full arrangement, energizing the room with an anthemic edge of quickness and conceptual depth that naturally draws you in. That riff set-up plays and plays, a welcomed break from simple vocals working its magic intermittently – a quality that keeps you engaged throughout this project.

We then get an arena-ready ambiance of reverb and ethereal calm, for Edge Of A Dream. The sound is unmistakable, but the vibe far more inviting of deeper considerations and wandering imaginations. An early highlight.

Heavy rock inflections employ fierce contrast after this, for the passionate and high-octane Through The Looking Glass – heavier still for the darkness, distortion and power of a hauntingly chaotic Beyond The Void. Of course, all of these switches in mood and story are crucial to the overall conceptual venture that is Dark Side Of the Rainbow. Guy Freedom English maintains those threads of identity and meaning, whilst utilizing a clear versatility and freedom of expression.

Cinematic lightness raises the passion and dreamy escapism of Rise From The Ashes – a fitting sense of possibility pouring through, before Sinister Echo reflects with questions, imagery, and stylish riffs and rhythms. After this, From Within makes fine use of short lines and slick guitar patterns to offer one of the more catchier tracks of the project.

Closing things down is the sheer drama and musical boldness of Bull In A China Shop. Again perfectly in tune with the intentions of its writing, the very arrangement rightfully underlines this series of ideas. Multiple sudden shifts in tempo, rising chaos and cascading, almost freestyle guitar play backs up a charging rhythm and various stops and starts.

Really well-crafted, interesting and gripping as it evolves and rises throughout. The perfect instrumental explosion to wrap up an intriguing and musically definitive album.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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