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Guttadagr8 Be Gr8


Cinematic production and oriental musicianship lays the foundation for an unexpectedly catchy hip hop anthem from Guttadagr8.

Wholly encapsulating the implications of both his name and the track title, Guttadagr8 celebrates his own journey with the extraordinarily bass-heavy yet melodic and old-school-inspired Be Gr8.

The flow is distinctly nostalgic, the mix a little raw – the voice up front yet mixed with a subtle crackle to further that yesteryear connection. The track stands tall on the strength of its unmistakable musicality, and indeed the faultlessly rhythmic flow and bounce of the performance and beat.

Be Gr8 manages to feel both humble and fearlessly confident all at once. The lyrics speak on the Guttadagr8 journey in a way that balances realism and ambition, the bars are loaded with truth and hints at past struggles, but ultimately focus on an uplifting degree of possibility and purpose – the sort that feels not show-offish but instead motivational and impressively heartfelt.

A strong introduction to Guttadagr8, and actually an easy anthem to let calmly wash away the sting of anxiety or uncertainty – an empowering ode to the value of self-belief.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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