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Gunzo XL My Mouth Closed


Hip Hop rhythms combine with RnB melodies and a dreamlike, trip hop soundscape on this single from Gunzo XL. Fresh from the album Born Guilty 1996, My Mouth Closed offers a quickly memorable and entrancing melody, as well as a fast-paced outpouring of lyricism that delicately fuses widespread relevance and personal story-telling.

Production-wise the softness on this track stands out among the album’s surrounding songs. The vibe is something you quickly get into, and that voice is a leading trait that’s fairly easy to recognise once you’re familiar with Gunzo XL’s music. This particular track has a definite concept about it though, so where there are certain references that seem fit for the contemporary hip hop wave in general, there are also plenty that help explore the intriguing ideas of that title.

You get a partly classic hip hop inspired vibe from this, and partly a touch of the more Post Malone style of melodic-rap that’s taken the mainstream by storm in recent years. Gunzo XL walks the line well, all the while making sure to bring in his own personal experiences and emotions when it comes to writing and performing.

The finish on the mix is beautiful, the down-tempo mood and the artist’s mellow, near-whispered delivery all work together in unison to craft something calming and easy to vibe to. The melody moving from those lower to the higher notes also plays a big part in making the track easy to pick out. It doesn’t hit hard, but rather, it offers escapism – the sort of late-night tune we turn to when things get overwhelming or noisy out there in the real world.

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