Gunnr6ix - FOOTPRINT - Stereo Stickman



Fresh from the Mellifera Records 2019 line-up, Gunnr6ix offers up a quickly hypnotic and likable new track with a subtle yet effective story-line and sense of character.

Presenting those jazz-cafe vibes as the backdrop, feeling inspired by the likes of Mac Miller and legends further back in hip hop’s journey, Footprint appeals from the offset for its humble and colourful approach to the genre. Following this, the performance and the lyricism add more and more that fits the mood and manages to captivate in a whole new way.

Two varied vocal sections give the piece structure, and this works perfectly – taking the track from good to great in a natural and seemingly effortless manner. In among this is a relentlessly impressive flow and numerous hits of clever and compelling word-play. Nothing within seems notably familiar or taken from elsewhere – on the contrary, new ideas emerge; new poetry, a new personality.

When things need to change, when the energy needs switching up a gear or two, the track rightfully makes that move. The hook sees the pitch and intensity rise higher – the soundscape keeps things balanced though, holding close to that colourful and smooth aura. This back and forth between sections helps give the track an addictive level of rhythm – it’s entrancing for its consistency, but it also involves and engages the listener. The verses present the detail, calmly and confidently, then the hook sees that anthem-like moment of repetition make certain to capture your affection; undoubtedly leaving you feeling part of the process by the time it’s all over and done with.

Footprints seeks to and succeeds in energizing and inspiring its listeners. That lightly uplifting groove combined with this smart and empowering lyrical performance works beautifully. A definite must for the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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