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Guccibenx Someone


Lush production and stream of consciousness writing brings through an interesting balance of ambient escapism and deeply personal lyricism – artist Guccibenx gets vulnerable and heartbreakingly melodic, for Someone.

Vocally distinct yet mixed somewhat distantly at the very same time, Someone depicts an artist wholly devoted to the moment – exploring these feelings of separation and loss in a fearlessly honest and thus relatable way.

Alongside this is a dream-pop production style that seems to bring optimism and colour into the process, juxtaposing the pain of the writing with a sort of comforting blanket of warmth and unity.

For those who’ve experienced similar heartbreak and find themselves often reflecting on times past, Someone accesses the central emotions of that in a pure and unfiltered fashion.

The vocal style is unmistakable as Guccibenx once you’ve listened to even just a handful of releases, this meeting of professional production and freestyle, dissonant vocal outpouring is a clear identity trait, and Someone combines this approach with a catchy hook for that essential twist of memorable resolve.

Download Someone via Apple. Find Guccibenx on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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