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GREYE Windows


For those who aren’t in the know, to try to imagine what progressive Americana would sound like could be something of an unspecific or even ambiguous task. However, the very second that Windows begins to play, by Florida based outfit GREYE, this whole new world of musical style becomes clear, and it makes for a pretty sensational listening experience.

Labels aside, what this track offers is the thickness of rock, the melodic satisfaction of Americana, the emotional rawness of folk, and the sheer style and character of a brand new band. The instrumentation is one thing, the live band sound is alive and thriving here, then you get this song structure, these varying melodic sections, almost as if it’s a re-work or cover of a well known pop song, and along with that is this unique leading vocal performance that has the power to be both gentle and bold depending on what the moment requires.

Lyrically speaking, the country rock storytelling is executed flawlessly, the varying sections of the song deal with different ideas, the hook in particular has this striking poignancy that imprints its message and its melody in an instant. And it really just gets more and more compelling as the track progresses.

Windows is actually the title track of the band’s upcoming album. They’ll be touring throughout the coming months, and you can press play below to see exactly why it would be foolish to miss out on a live show if they’re heading to a venue nearby. This particular release is every bit of passion and musical prowess you’ll be needing to confidently see you through the summer. At over five minutes long, the track exists outside of the industry standard or recommended recording times, and to be honest, this just adds to its appeal. If anything, the whole release could go on for five minutes more and it would still feel far too brief. A stunning bit of music and songwriting featuring flawless performances from all involved. Well worth looking out for.

The music will be available to download on July 19th. Find & follow GREYE on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for tour dates & further information.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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