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Gregg Stewart Starman


Gregg Stewart’s version of Starman is a beautiful tribute to one of the most iconic and influential creatives of our time. From an album of dedications to artists lost in 2016, this single has the strength and character of the original, yet there’s an undeniable depth of emotion; the result of which is that you can hear the passion, the inspiration, even the sadness, as Gregg Stewart performs the song.

Gregg Stewart’s singing voice is beautiful, mellow and genuine, effortless even in its reach and ability to express every single moment throughout this release. The concept of the album is powerful, and the fact that this initial offering holds such authenticity and professionalism all at once, means the project in its entirety is likely to be more than worth a download.

Starman is such a classic and well known song. To take it on could be something of a challenge, but in this case the artist has taken the essence of the song, a love for its creator, and fused both of these with a distinct and undeniable level of self awareness. The song comes through as fresh, loaded with warmth and soaked in a certain sense of character that gives audiences both a new creative to embrace and a more than welcome trip down memory lane. Combining nostalgia with individuality, yesterday with today, executing the task at hand with superb and perhaps humble style, there’s nothing not to like about it.

Musically speaking, the whole thing has an organic and, as mentioned, very authentic sound. A single listen to Starman is an almost surefire ticket to downloading and embracing every bit of music that Gregg Stewart has to offer. The sound is wonderful.

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