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Greg Hoy 2 Song Sampler


Freshly released from the upcoming album Cacophony, Greg Hoy’s 2-track EP features the warm rock sentiments and organic guitar set-up of Highway 101, and the stylish swagger and rhythmic uplift of a superb Spouses Of The Lowly.

The opener is an immediate driving anthem, as per the implications of its title. Somewhat country-kissed soft rock with short lines paving the way towards an infectious hook.

Brilliant rhythms, a familiar yet likeable riff that builds momentum for a story that naturally appeals for its imagery; alongside the natural rasp and expressive tone of Hoy’s vocal.

Building up effectively, the song has a nostalgic presence that progresses through sections with confidence and purpose. The verse displays a protagonist on the move, the pre-chorus builds up with a nineties pop-rock essence of all-of-us, and then we drop back to the simple swagger of the riff and those short lines.

Great songwriting proves a strength throughout, not ground-breaking in style but refreshing in its honesty and upfront reality both musically and conceptually.

Spouses Of The Lowly is the second track, and this one intrigues for its sense of drama and rising anticipation. Hoy’s emotive vocal drones through a soulful Americana meander to lure you in; right before another knees-up-stomp of a guitar and drum pattern quickly raises the energy of the room.

Personally a stand-out for its originality and the darker undertones of the writing, this one showcases a contemplative artist, with a welcomed edge of melodic embrace and poetic consideration alike; plus a hearty, soulful guitar solo to match. The new album looks set to be one well worth delving into.

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