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Greg E [nonsegmental] 2020 dreams


Introducing a uniquely expressive, improvisational project – 2020 dreams leads with layers of cinematic detail and a raw sense of live, in the moment reality as it fills the room.

Driving with the crystal clear sound of the natural world, followed by distorted guitar work, live drums, and a contrastingly delicate synth melody, Water: Our Meeting starts things up and tells its story in a manner that feels both simple and complex.

The structure welcomes various twists and turns, a fine balance between the familiar and the unknown. The progression and movement inject a sort of meditative, provocative realm; perfect for allowing the mind to wander.

Earth: In The Frame follows, immediately more experimental in its retro, sci-fi-soaked, dial-up tone style introduction. Space is a big part of the process – a trait that rings true throughout these recordings. The space the tracks exist within is as important as the sounds utilised to intermittently fill it.

At around the half-way mark, a distorted rhythm not unlike a robotic pulse guides us through the darkness, bowing and bending as it makes its way across unknown terrain.

Then we get Air: Piercing, perhaps the most striking yet for its suddenness and the strange balance between ambient calm and intensity. The scenes change often, road and rail and spoken word emerge in the distance, heavy rattles and horns are contrasted by an aptly breathy, real-world sort of soothing energy.

These feel like accompaniments to modern cinema or gaming, and rightly so given the collection was inspired by various theatre and dance projects.

Fire: Raging brings things to a finish with a concise fusion of the title’s implication and the warped, again sci-fi-like sound of synths and keys slowly melting over the realm. Things move from calm and quiet towards to haunting, unsettling, before seeing the listener wind up surrounded by this almost industrial dance realm of fuzz, light tribal rhythm, and uncertainty. Perhaps this journey is the dance within the flames, as things return to the crackle of the fire for the end – rounding off the experience in classic nonsegmental fashion.

Undoubtedly a project of its own artistic aura right now, creatively interesting, ambient and immersive – crafted in reaction to a year on pause.

Grab the album via Bandcamp. Download or stream the single Water: Our Meeting here. Check out Greg E [nonsegmental] via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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