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grant4ore Drought day riddem (Prod. by Dj G Me)


Spanish flavours and gritty fragments of natural world sound unite amidst the tropical bounce of grant4ore’s Drought day riddem.

Produced again by Harmonunity Records’ Dj G-Me, the track showcases a defiant sidestep in versatility, depicting a whole new approach and mastering a fresh genre in the process.

Featuring a colourful and catchy arrangement, with multiple languages utilised throughout a scathing and fearlessly confident performance, the track follows a simple chord pattern and those world music tones to ultimately present a clear earworm and an unignorable degree of personality from rapper and artist grant4ore.

Also noting a humble ode to California Dreaming, Drought day riddem depicts a simple love for music in all of its forms – a quirky anthem with a twist of mainstream musicality and an overall enjoyable fusion of the recognisable and the outright original.

Grant4ore keeps his performance eclectic, varying both the language and flow of his bars, even meandering from melody to rap intermittently throughout. The result is a brief yet bold track, which works hard to maintain its audience’s attention and interest.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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