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Grant Maloy Smith I SEE YOU


Gentle folk and country vibes wash over for this acoustic and emotive, reflective new single from Grant Maloy Smith.

Making its way through delicate verses, introducing the unique nuances of Smith’s voice – as well as his poetic, observational writing style – the song goes on to brighten up beautifully, overcoming any implied melancholy with a hook that resolves and inspires in a wonderful way.

Following this moment, the second verse sees lyrical density captivate all the more effectively. We’re gifted layers of imagery and references, making things feel new, compelling, and this is proceeded by the powerful line Time pulls you in like gravity… – suddenly we’re all invited into the moment, sharing this sense of progression, of limited time and the inevitabilities that come with it.

This topic is one that undoubtedly deserves more attention and celebration in contemporary life. Many view the elderly purely as weak, as less valuable members of our world – perhaps the pandemic of 2020 has drawn all the more focus to this sad truth. What Smith does is redirect our understanding, and call out to those who are older and have experienced more of life and the world, to let them know they are seen, and they matter – more than ever before.

It’s a beautiful ode to a shared truth, and Smith’s vocal softness and intimate performance style, along with his sublime poetic expressions, draw listeners in with just the right air of purity and honesty.

The single I SEE YOU has been adopted by MASTERPIECE LIVING – an organisation dedicated to helping people age and retire better.

Download or stream the single here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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