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Grant Jesse Prosser Temporal Autumn


Introducing a welcomed exploration of the solo realm, Campfire Sigh‘s own Grant Jesse Prosser launches a complex and colourful debut album, in the form of the wonderful Temporal Autumn.

Inspired by the changing seasons and aptly presenting an atmospheric warmth and fullness that sets the mood accordingly, Temporal Autumn takes subtle influence from the likes of The Beach Boys, but otherwise presents retro keys and an organic rhythmic colour and strength of songwriting to redirect things towards its own unique corner of modern music.

This is all true of the opening two songs Empty Spaces and Kansas Trip, the former setting the bar high for its musicality and melodic appeal, the latter (a defiant highlight) injecting a long-form lyrical venture and vocal dynamic that feels authentically intriguing and original.

Diversity of mood is a key aspect of Temporal Autumn, and rightfully so, Grant captures a sense of both the personal and the vast, employing instrumental eclecticism and melodic freedom across a range of poetic sentiments and reflections on both the self and the world at large. No Wings To Leave exemplifies this balance well, its melancholy emerging at just the right moment, and Move On takes that intention and depth further still; whilst offering a twist of performative variation and character.

Musical freedom continues through the medieval stomp, unpredictable structure and conceptual provocation of Childhood Through a Prism. Then we get a touch of brightness and optimistic imagery, for Streams – later utilizing some eighties effects and instruments for further versatility. After this, Dusk proves enchanting and again performatively unique – a fascinating though mildly dissonant listen, which both calms and provokes imaginative meandering. Another highlight.

Pieces Mend contrasts a rhythmic bounce with a lyrical sense of heartbroken reflection, increasing its melodically looping appeal throughout, before Scarecrow Dance redirects us once again for another imagery-focused deep-dive with a welcomed dash of electric guitar – a quality that continues throughout the atmospheric embrace of a beautiful Temporal Autumn Suite; Grant really showcases the brilliance and fearless identity of his musicianship and composition for this post-eight-minute recording.

Bringing the album to a finish is the compelling and partly eerie, partly hopeful A Message From Tom. Strings and ambient details lay the foundation for breath-like waves of instrumental calm and contemplation.

Featuring guest appearances from bassist Cody Valentonis, singer Rachael Loughren, and the one only Nate Jacobucci on synth, piano and vocals, Temporal Autumn is an enchanting and evocative listen, which proves both uplifting and deeply moving in equal parts.

Album out November 17th. Find Grant Jesse Prosser on Bandcamp & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Great review. The album is a delightful compilation and worth downloading to listen in the car or while going about your daily routine. Bravo to Grant!

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