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Campfire Sigh Mother Brown & Other Assorted Chestnuts


Canadian Indie Folk gems Campfire Sigh light up the room in an instant, with the multi-layered harmonies and soulful organic embrace of their latest EP Mother Brown & Other Assorted Chestnuts.

Fall Time is the opener, aptly inspiring a sense of natural world gratitude for its unplugged choir embrace – alongside this genuinely fresh melodic progression and a subtle twist of something not unlike the Beach Boys.

Ultimately unorthodox yet not, this project captivates for its humanity and originality all at once. The melodies are compelling, unpredictable but ultimately reflecting the emotions and ideas of the lyrics in a faultlessly artistic manner.

As we move into Sentimental Yeti, that beach-side band vibe takes the reins more notably – an upbeat groove and melody still presenting poetic images and natural world appreciation, this time with a keys solo and catchy hook interwoven; reinforcing the already memorable name of the song.

Catchier still is the instant ear-worm Every Little Step, quick to secure the listener’s interest in a live show – and to make this an easy go-to whenever the darkness or weight of the outside world begins to overbear.

Cheer Up Mother Brown takes that intention further still, adding a subtle indie rock element that again showcases the versatility and freedom of Campfire Sigh. Insightful and a pleasure to escape into, this song leads well into the final creative stylings and multi-vocal power of a cinematic closing track Perry Stole Your Canoe.

Character and humor help pave the way consistently for this EP, particularly at the final hurdle, but ultimately it’s the revelations and motivational optimism that remain; this and the humble yet infectious melodies.

Inspiring to its core and also welcoming genuine musicianship, ideas, feelings and musical unity, Mother Brown & Other Assorted Chestnuts proves an aptly titled, eclectic yet timeless project – one that highlights a band with a clear passion for and purpose within modern music.

Download Mother Brown & Other Assorted Chestnuts. Find Campfire Sigh on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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