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Gracie Rey icarus


Softly stunning vocals, acoustic guitar and brilliantly unexpected lyrics blending gritty realism with heartfelt reflections – Gracie Rey impresses and connects, with the familiar yet refreshing icarus.

Leading with gorgeous folk vocals, a country inflection both subtle and striking, icarus introduces the natural talent and fearless expression of Gracie Rey in an instantly memorable fashion. What’s more, the song builds up with passion and humble power – maintaining its acoustic roots but multiplying the instrumental and vocal depth just modestly as we progress.

From a writing perspective, icarus is familiar in melody and set-up, but delivers a welcomed edge of notably raw and unpredictable musings on modern life and the self, which helps give it a captivating overall appeal. The structure is also incredibly professional, reaching the hook resolve in a manner that’s again distinct and adds the invaluable trait of being a clear earworm to an already interesting and likable song.

Really beautifully done, a faultless sound and a respectable degree of honesty and character in the writing. I look forward to hearing more from Gracie Rey!

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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