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Goodieboyz Rise With Me (Official Video) Racism in America | Police Brutality


Featuring the combined talents of SumBoyRay, Switch and The Collective, Rise With Me is a heartbreakingly poignant and stylishly hard-hitting single that outright addresses ongoing inequalities and the often devastating impact of racism.

Emerging complete with a hard-to-stomach set of visuals, the release refuses to sugar-coat the truth, nor does it shy away from laying bare both fact and feeling when it comes to what life is really like for so many minorities in America.

Utilizing a powerful soundscape, with a few different melodic moments that help bring an anthem-like, memorable flavor to the song, Rise With Me goes on to introduce a classic rap vocal style that takes full advantage of the opportunity to lay bare the details of the struggle.

Underneath this, rising intensity is highlighted by a switch from acoustic delicacy to distorted guitars and instrumental weight, to reinforce the later, more passionate sections.

Drawing exclusively from real life experiences and events, the song and the video shine light on an array of tragedies that could and should have so easily been avoided. Despite the recent media shift, this has been going on for far longer than the past few weeks.

Important topics, more than worth the time it takes to listen, and backed up in this case by an impressive musical arrangement and a series of captivating, powerful performances.

Single out June 19th on all platforms. Find & follow Goodieboyz on Facebook. On YouTube, check out their Main & Music Channels.

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