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Goodfellow Internal


Comprised of merely two tracks, Internal is a surprinsgly vast, conceptual project, featuring a fine balance between pop sensibilities and the unlimited depths of a fearless, passionate singer songwriter.

Illusion starts things off and is all of this. On the surface, a raspy vocal follows an RnB style melody, while a simple trip-hop soundscape fills out the quiet spaces. In reality though, the lyrics are what captivate here from the first few seconds.

This is a deeply personal, intimate and unapologetic outpouring of truth – an individual journey loaded with regret, optimism before resentment. The whole thing also seems to end very suddenly, far from structured in the way that classic pop songs are. Goodfellow follows the feelings and thoughts drawn up by the creative process, and this allows him to craft authentically original, unpredictable audio experiences, which connect for their clear humanity and melodic delicacy alike.

Afterwards, Rushmore completely changes the mood, but the production style and that voice are easily recognisable now. This track brings a blend of hip hop and modern pop, short lines and a varied flow, a simple rhythm, a back and forth between basic observations and deeper reflections.

It seems as if Internal is something of a rightfully unfinished outpouring of diary-like contemplations on life and the role of the self. It feels like a freestyle in some ways, uninhibited and unaffected by industry rules. It’s an interesting and fairly incomparable project, and for all of these reasons it’s well worth a listen for something refreshing and genuine this summer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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