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Good Spells Monsters


From the nostalgic clarity and superb production of Time Again, to another brilliant production and creatively unexpected sidestep, the UK’s own Good Spells masters the craft further still, for the immersive and wholly enveloping Monsters.

Featuring sublime production and quietly contemplative vocals, Monsters blends story and style in a way that’s frankly unrivalled right now. We’re in the artistic territory of early 2000s triphop and dark dance – the melodic appeal, the depth and weight of distortion and design, the conceptual detail and subtle riffs. Genre feels like a secondary aspect of what is ultimately an artistic encapsulation of mood and scene.

What’s always great about the Good Spells approach is the lack of self-indulgence. The music never feels like a showcase of personal turmoil nor ability, instead it always feels like an audio embrace or gift for the listener. Sure, the intimate aspect of the writing is necessary, that vulnerability and emotion is crucial, but it’s balanced well with the equally evocative nature of such a complex and engaging production. The synths, the rhythm, the structure, the distance of the voice, the echoes and fragments of it surrounding the mainline. Everything is subtle but united under this hypnotic realm, and in the case of Monsters, the inspiring strength of this idea of ‘You’ll never break me down’ resounds and impacts the listener in a way that classic triphop and alternative music used to back in the day.

The versatility and unlimited degree of influence to Good Spells’ music is no doubt in part a result of his eclectic youth – raised amidst a fusion of British and Arabic culture, with Manchester becoming home during his formative years, and American friends inspiring further alternative musical tastes amidst rock and metal, the breadth of appeal and the independence of his sound is iconic and forever unique.

Monsters is a fine testament to that journey and indeed to the precision and passion consistently united within the Good Spells approach to songwriting and production. Never a bad track, never even a less than great track. Explore the repertoire.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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