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Good Spells Lost Ones


Introducing a track that made its way straight to our best-of weekly playlist, producer and creative artist Good Spells delivers the multi-layered, ambient an immersive single Lost Ones. The release blends strength of sound-design with poetic, heartfelt lyricism, and an overall cinematic embrace that hits with lasting impact.

Quick to engage, Lost Ones captures affection for its production and chord progression alone – flickers of soulful electronic sound-play meet with a mellow yet dramatic rhythm and synth arrangement, plus enchanting, monochrome and slow-motion visuals that naturally further the hypnotic aspects of the release.

The vocal comes somewhat unexpectedly, but thanks to careful mixing and deeply poetic writing, along with a subtle melody that’s memorable and easily in keeping with the surrounding music, the voice works beautifully to enhance the naturally emotive qualities of the existing track.

The result is a wave of escapism that’s addictively powerful, leaving a sense of imaginative lostness that keeps the body calm yet the mind wandering through the various what-ifs and aches of modern life.

Really nicely-crafted, highlighting a fine degree of attention to detail from Good Spells. This one breaks hearts and inspires all at once; a dream to connect with.

Check out Good Spells on Instagram & his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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