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An ocean of cascading guitars and vocal layers intertwine with classic rock melodies, circling riffs, intense drum-lines, and a series of current conceptual thoughts – all of which fills the room in a bold and intentional fashion, throughout this latest album from Gonetcha.

Where Biased World leads with a full rock sound and a story-line that intrigues and appeals for its relevance and the volume with which it addresses things, the following song State Property is more quickly one to strike for its musical style and the strength of its hook. Both songs introduce the project with a thoughtful societal connection, and both clearly belong within the walls of the album, but the latter undoubtedly builds up slowly to create an almost eighties-rock vibe; with the occasional flicker of hard-hitting grunge.

Known previously for a clear touch of psychedelic rock, Gonetcha seems to craft songs from a considerate and creatively free angle. The underlying sentiments pave the way, and with this album taking on some heavy content, the melodies and soundscapes effectively follow suit in an equally fitting manner. That voice and these low-note melodies provide a hearty thread of character throughout. Mindless makes for the third hit of all this.

Afterwards, Nobody takes a somewhat grunge and pop fusion of a melody – partly optimistic, partly melancholic (lyrical hints of psychopathic tendencies contrast with hopeful guitar play and tune-work.) Then it all builds up towards another heavy hook; which resounds in a striking fashion, among other things… Nobody cares about you. Contrast works its magic well here.

A mighty bass-line takes the wheel for the provocative and chaotic Social Slave. Slowly but surely Pragmatic works hard to remind you of the world, the rat-race, and your role within it all. Basic follows on and lights up a little more optimism – get yourself out there stands tall, leaving a sense of possibility amidst that of the constant fight against the machine. Perhaps a personal favourite.

During the latter half, the style has easily become familiar, relevant to its own artistic intention. Songs like Aware and Blackmail Culture work harder to intrigue and provoke a deeper level of thought. Cycle Of Life afterwards stands out for its basic presentation of life, and the spacious nature of the verses – contrast on point once again.

In-your-face bass hits hard again for Love You All, a personal song that holds nothing back and keeps that truthful, unapologetic realness at the forefront. Then those spiraling electric guitars walk hand-in-hand with the vocal melody for the strangely tribal Reason, minimalist as ever in tune.

Finally, these ideas round up amidst references to violence and disturbance, as the openly uncertain and notably human Manipulated brings things to a fast-paced, questioning finish.

The issues we face today lay heavy on the mind, rightfully so, and art often seems like the only way to relieve ourselves of that weight. Pragmatic encapsulates a lot of those concerns, lyrically and in terms of the fullness and volume of the collection. A concept hard at work, and undoubtedly the signature sound of Gonetcha still weaving its way into the world.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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