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Goldy Donald Glover


Chicago rapper and artist Goldy delivers a summer groove fusing colourful production and a calm yet captivating flow. Donald Glover is a single from the superb debut album ORO, and it underlines the mellow but confident wordplay and distinct vocal tone of Goldy in a way that’s easy to vibe to.

Great production is a defiant strength of Donald Glover, the track openly veers away from the expectations of classic Hip Hop, carving out a musicality of its own but in the process maintaining the sharp bars and performative rhythm required to truly capture the essence of the genre. That balance of elements is key, and allows the character and quirks of the single to really stand out.

Paying tribute to an icon with equal parts humility and sheer self-belief, Donald Glover is a smooth and summer-ready rap track, with a clear sense of personality at its core. The album ORO is an eclectic independent project, and Goldy lets his talent and passion for writing and performance shine every step of the way.

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Rebecca Cullen

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