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GO MERUS New Rules (Dua Lipa Cover)


Quirky and intimate folk-pop vibes connect with ease as Latvian duo GO MERUS take on the mighty Dua Lipa.

Simple strummed rhythms and a nearly whispered, delicate folk voice meander united through a quiet, spacious soundscape, before subtle organic rhythms and additional detail proceed to light up the groove.

Introducing the GO MERUS sound with style, this cover of New Rules feels authentically fresh – almost as if an original, particularly for those unfamiliar with the mainstream scene.

As a subtle dance beat injects warmth and energy for the latter half, along with dashes of piano, the whole thing brightens the room and effortlessly compliments the breathy, expressive nature of the GO MERUS’ vocal.

Singer and composer Valery guides us through the melody in a naturally engaging way, as producer and DJ Serge arranges this beautifully refreshing ambiance to support and enhance it.

Summer vibes in strong supply, hints of jazz and an altogether colourful and easy-going mood – the release quickly invites interest in the GO MERUS catalogue. Uniquely likeable and a pleasure to let play.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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