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Glorious Move


Combining a vast horn section, a meandering bass-line, and a number of elements that form a notably creative electronic soundscape – the single Move, from Glorious, is one that makes certain to leave its mark the very first time you hear it.

It’s unnecessary to separate the artist from the musicality here, as Glorious is indeed a musician and multi-talented artist who is very much involved in every aspect of her music. As a vocalist though, you do undoubtedly pick up on the strength of her voice throughout this single. Move hits hard for that, balancing soulful smoothness with rhythm and grit as the piece plays on.

In the way that Christina Aguilera’s early 2000 era offered up melodies and performances that struck with impact, Move presents a similarly memorable quality. The song’s hook in particular works in unison with the backdrop to provide a moment of rhythmic power and embrace.

This feels like a classic pop track but with an edge of weight and intensity that modern mainstream music has been crying out for. There’s a certain edginess to the performance and to the set-up – the whole track continues to change and evolve at every step, so there’s always something new on the horizon to keep you interested and entertained. On top of this, you’re almost sure to walk away with the central line of the track running through your head.

Glorious makes waves when she creates new music, and though this is far from the start of her creative journey, it’s likely there’s an unlimited stream of impressive releases yet to come. Move marks a huge step forwards – a uniquely crafted pop song that’s been well produced and superbly performed.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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