Gli scritti di Roberto Albano de Rosa - Questa volta ho vinto (ancora) io - Stereo Stickman

Gli scritti di Roberto Albano de Rosa Questa volta ho vinto (ancora) io


The gradual rising intensity as this song opens up makes for a brilliantly captivating and passionate moment that leads you addictively into the centre of the music. The performances of every single element have been creatively and skilfully executed. Initially the drums are the first thing to highlight this, soon followed by the rhythmic and melancholy energy of that guitar riff. Nothing ever wavers, once the quality reaches that level it remains, though the weight of the music falls away intermittently – as a songwriter the artist has crafted the track with full awareness of the structural requirements to keep it interesting. It works, really well. The melody of that leading riff stays with you long after listening – it has both a freshness and a familiarity that just makes sense here and draws you to listen again.

The use of melody on this release is really enjoyable to witness. As stated, the intensity is there, the weight and hit of heavy music connects and satisfies, but there’s also a lot about it that is considerate and gentle. The melody has an alternative sense of emotion that contrasts quite beautifully with the screamo element. The instrumentation is distorted in more of a punk-pop manner when compared to the average hard-rock release, drawing fresh attention to this particular sub-genre in a masterful and compelling way.

The barrier for those whose first language isn’t Italian is actually something of an almost invisible one. You can feel the passion of the music, the riff holds great strength and lingers in your mind after listening, and the sound of the music and indeed the leading artist’s voice have a definite sense of character and originality about them. You’re likely to recognise the music from here on in as that of Gli scritti di Roberto Albano de Rosa, the one man band with an intense love for creativity and musicianship. A pleasure to discover.

Visit Roberto Albano de Rosa’s Website for more information.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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