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Glenn Angell Sad Affair (Feat. Maisie May)


Organic songwriting emerges by way of an acoustic guitar and distantly-mixed vocals – simple layers of natural performance, guiding us alluringly into the rise and fall melody and storyline of Sad Affair.

Featuring softly expressive, mildly-effected vocals from Maisie May, Glenn Angell’s Sad Affair employs a wave-like melodic progression and poetic imagery, to weave a refreshing yet familiar web of contemplation. In the meantime, the acoustic guitar goes on, accompanied by subtle hints of synth and production detail to help reinforce the underlying emotions.

Far from heart-breaking in tone but dealing with a difficult subject matter, the song utilises intrigue in terms of its vague references and its brief two minute thirty-six lifespan. The scenes are instantly compelling, ‘I found her on the stairs’ makes for a quickly captivating opener, yet alongside this the music possesses a certain optimism, even brightness, during each lyrical and melodic rise. The tune goes up, the hope with it, then everything descends again towards darkness – and this process continues, loops and loops until the journey ends.

Thoughtful and catchy all at once, though cleverly non-intrusive in being so – more of a hypnotic effect that lures you in and keeps you coming back – Sad Affair introduces the songwriting and timeless arrangement-style of Glenn Angell in an enchanting and memorable way. The writing is particularly interesting, provocative and elegant, and this is undoubtedly a huge strength – something that will hopefully stand tall across all future releases.

Download Sad Affair here or via Apple. Check out Glenn Angell on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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