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Ginjah All This Time


Following in the footsteps of the greats, the artist Ginjah leads with beautifully soulful vocals and an immediately uplifting reggae rhythm and vibe on this latest single. An open and loyal dedication to one of the world’s most well-loved plants, All This Time encapsulates a love for marijuana in everything from the lyrics to the accompanying video.

Where Jah Cure and Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley once paved the way with their own similarly themed release, Ginjah takes the reigns here and drives with a genuinely impressive bit of songwriting, strong melodies, and an unquestionable level of passion that lets the track emerge with all the more authenticity.

All This Time is the sort of classic single you can easily imagine music fans turning to for many years to come. It offers the kind of good vibes and good intentions that light up the distant corners of a festival, bringing together anyone and everyone, creating a warmth and a sense of unity in this shared love for the moment. In this case, the song also brings together all those with a fondness for marijuana – the infamous plant’s popularity has sky-rocketed in recent years, even seeing laws dropped in many countries – allowing people of all backgrounds to benefit from its purity.

All of this at once makes this release a timeless hit, not to mention the performance and the production allow it to really shine brightly when the volume is turned up. Ginjah has a great sound, and a magnetic way with melodies and performance. It’s highly likely we’ll be hearing a lot more of this song as summer 2019 swings into view.

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