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¥GhoStBoi¥ GoOd mOrNiNg


Creative production and classic drum and bass join forces to sublime results, for the uplifting escapism and good vibes of ¥GhoStBoi¥’s GoOd mOrNiNg.

Initially feeling like a modern emo soundscape for its mellow and dreamy layers, GoOd mOrNiNg soon goes on to elevate that first impression with the lightness and release of softly-mixed drum and bass rhythms.

What follows is an equally joyful, perhaps chilled-out take on the timeless genre, with threads of identity and colour woven consistently into the mix.

Easily recognizable once it’s crossed your path, and forever rewarding thanks to its post five-minute lifespan, GoOd mOrNiNg later employs a nostalgic dance-piano break – a near-unplugged moment of reflective calm that naturally provides a mental route back to the simpler days. Following this, the song rebuilds again, rising anticipation and the drop luring you in more closely than ever.

In the end, these vocal fragments, swirling synth melodies and the details of the beat prove unmistakable. Not only this, but from an artistic and audience-aware perspective, there’s a rightfully awakening sense of possibility to the whole thing. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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