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Ghost In The Machine Enemy Of The State


“Listen to the wind, can you hear the sound of change?”

Darkness and distortion meet with haunting melodic threads of softness and calm – Ghost In The Machine cut through the barriers between genres, with the fiercely compelling new release Enemy Of The State.

Featuring industrial rhythms, heavy bass and boldly intertwined synths and guitars, the sound of Enemy of The State falls somewhere between the likes of eighties sci-fi sound-play and contemporary electronic rock. The leading voice is as distinct and versatile as the production and songwriting, meandering from breathy whispers through soulful outcries to warped electronic fragments and even heavy-metal outbursts. All the while, Enemy Of The State maintains a sense of movement and character recognizable at all times – an eclectic yet well-grounded artistic venture.

The release also includes a further testament to the uninhibited creativity of Ghost In The Machine, with Operation G.I.T.M – again feeding into that characterful depth but proving a far shot once more from the opening track. Bringing through the additional talents of Honey B. Sweet, this stylish vocal performance employs strong production and another heavily immersive arrangement of partly exotic partly new-metal layers of instrumental weight. The structure is also as fascinating as ever, permitting a true exploration of performance and thoughtfulness within the confines of a standard song lifespan.

Also including two alternative versions of sides A and B, genre is merely a suggestion here – intention and mood are key. Enemy Of The State encapsulates this approach across four unique takes on modern music.

Download or stream Enemy Of The State. Find Ghost In The Machine on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & their Website.

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