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Gerbman In The Pocket EP


Melodic blues guitar leads and classic pop-rock rhythms back up the unique storytelling, vocal and lyrical strength of Dutch artist Gerbman.

His new pool-inspired EP In The Pocket delivers precisely these qualities, the likes of a spoken to sung Write Your Own Story connecting for its laid-back quirks as much so as the deeper implications of its inspiring sentiments.

Elsewhere Gerbman picks up the pace for a Santana-like groove in Scars, showcasing a higher-end vocal whilst still maintaining that underlying positivity and direct addressing of the listener. We also get a more personal story interwoven amidst this, and overall the nostalgia of an almost honky-tonk mood lights up the room with ease.

The optimism continues and unites with intrigue and scene-setting, for the more distorted energy and passion of The Trader, while Into The Right Groove mellows things out towards a sultry shoulder-sway and swagger.

Always we’re engaged by Gerbman’s unrelenting confidence as both guitarist and performer – no doubt an impressive artist to witness on stage. An exciting new musician, with a wealth of talent and devotion to the cause, and still at the very beginning of his creative journey – definitely one to watch.

Download or stream In The Pocket. Find Gerbman on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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