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Gerald Smile A Goodbye Present


Easy-going good vibes pour through for this lo-fi-style, hip hop-infused beat and soundscape from producer Gerald Smile.

His second single release, A Goodbye Present feels like the meeting of Disney joy and contemporary rap tracks. A mellow groove, lighter synths and melodies raining down in the distance, a clear sense of calm but also a notable level of movement – a little like a peaceful stroll through the park, or as suggested, a final moment of happiness; A Goodbye Present.

This meeting of the nostalgic, yesteryear and almost classical arrangement, with the modern rhythm and production qualities, helps craft something refreshing yet also comforting in what it offers – that natural enhancement for your day, or a brief few minutes of escapism. Less than 2.5 minutes, to be precise, but recognisable in its short journey; a trait not easy to achieve in instrumental, ambient music.

Made with care, a definite love for the process, attention to detail and a fine ear for intricate sound-design and melody. I look forward to hearing more.

Download or stream A Goodbye Present here. Check out Gerald Smile on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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