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Gerald Milton I Don Wanna Go


Gerald Milton’s latest track I Don Wanna Go has that same unique sense of character we heard in Everything, it has a familiarity to it on first listen, however in this case the music has a much darker and more intense vibe.

The concept indicated by the title and indeed much of the lyricism, the repetition, the haunting back drop, the passion in the vocal and the instrumentation, is consistently represented as a sort of dedication or desperation – a deep desire to capture that one shot in life and do things the way they need to be done. The music builds in a simple way, the instrumentation has a mellow yet heavy output, and it all falls away for the verse sections which is effective in allowing you to focus on the words and ideas presented here. This is where you learn about the drive behind the song, the emotion and backstory that led to the writing and recording of such a track.

The artist presents a fusion of personal experience and accessible content – some of it unique to him, some of it relevant to many.  The hook section in particular makes for a track that will have a lasting effect and hopefully bring listeners back for a repeat listen at times when motivation is lacking. Any music that reminds you to cease the moment, to take opportunity as it comes, to do the right thing and not simply follow the crowd, is going to resonate with those looking to better themselves or make it through a tough time. There’s always room for that in music, for the inspiring or motivational, and I think the dark undertones of this particular track make for a more believable and easier to relate to piece of audio.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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