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Gerald Milton All I Do


Gerald Milton’s return this summer brings one of his most intensely infectious riffs yet – a hard hitting, distorted synth set to wind its way into your consciousness in an instant. The track is heavy like a light night smash hit, ready to energize and uplift, the song’s subject matter leans in that direction too – offering motivation, a winner’s mentality, that Khaled reference lingering consistently to remind you of the heights to be reached.

The production on this track is interesting, the genre is unclear – as is the way of modern side winders. It feels like an EDM piece with a touch of ska, maybe even electronic rock with its attitude and that slight touch of darkness in those synth notes. Milton’s vocal part sounds lost in the mix a little, not up close and personal as a leading character or front man might often be, more embedded within the music – as if to invite the audience into the experience and share in the energy and sentiment of the song; perhaps to imply it’s not about him, it’s about all of us.

Of course, the track has that undisguised confidence commonly found in hip hop, another tip of the hat to further genres. All of this in unison makes the song fit in right now with the music culture that is making waves. At the same time, you can’t help but notice there’s something pretty unique about it all. The Gerald Milton approach brings together all areas of creativity and inspiration, so this concept of All I Do is alive and well in the expression and the sheer passion of the soundscape. It hits with impact, for sure, and the very second you hear that riff exploding through the speakers you know where it’s coming from. A well timed release with a lot of weight to work well.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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