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Georgia Mae Fools


Utilizing simple but colourful pop building blocks to craft a minimalist yet intentional soundscape, Georgia Mae presents something quirky yet stylish with this latest single Fools. 

As the song begins, a select few elements pave the way – a raw touch of piano supports the singer’s up front and personal vocal delivery. The melody is gentle, the tone and volume with which it’s presented are too, yet still this stands tall among such a bare backdrop – the words draw you in, as does the intimate, open nature of the leading voice.

Later on, contrast is taken full advantage of as the song builds up brilliantly towards its ultimately bright and infectious hook section. There’s an alternative, likable pop feel to the whole thing – the verses leaning in something of a Regina Spektor direction, the chorus leaning towards a more dance-pop vibe; the synths and the multi-layered ambiance in full has the uplifting aura of mellow EDM.

From a writing perspective, there’s a good balance between that which is deeply personal and true to the artist alone, and that which is more widely relatable. The title and the general concept work well to connect on a grander scale, though the details presented throughout the quieter moments and those with more impact alike let the listener get a little closer to the singer and her own story. In the long run, this kind of openness works well – if an audience feels understood as well as somewhat being able to understand, that reciprocation and that shared feeling is what enables certain artists and bands to last.

Fools is a great song, really well built and the sort that showcases the artist behind it in a memorable, enjoyable way. I look forward to longer releases in the future.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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