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George Blue Galanos has a name and an aura that are clearly inherently connected to the blues and blues rock in a brilliantly authentic way. This EP collection of four original songs introduces his sound and his approach to creativity in a bold and powerful way – emotional, musically impressive, structurally artistic, and overall a real pleasure to stumble upon.

I’m Dead Inside as an opener offers close to six minutes of blues-rock energy – angst, volume, quiet, calm, all expressive and intermittent; feeling a like a journey in itself through the trials and tribulations of the story-line. Galanos’ voice has a heavy tone but leans back and forth between the gentle and the mighty – depending on what the moment needs. His use of contrast in the writing and in the performance is second to none – the impact is intense thanks to those quieter, classic blues verses and the full-throttle weight and distortion of the hook.

What you also get throughout this album is to witness a guitarist at the height of his abilities and passion. George Blue Galanos can play for days, in any setting and on any level.

The song Indigo is one that drives with a little more of that hard-hitting, distorted energy – the riffs are simpler, the lyrics stand tall during the verses, laying out the story in a captivating way – then as things evolve, the guitar work follows its own uninhibited pathway and fills the silence with some immense melodic exploration. There’s a rock and roll feel to this track that carries it well – a live show would be superb.

Nataly drives with a gentler ambiance, feeling a little Hendrix-like initially – an entrancing, delicate Little Wing mood emerges. Galanos ties his vocal melody to the guitar riff, and the space surrounding this means your focus follows the notes and the words intently. The later drop showcases yet another thoughtfully crafted, structurally effective soundscape.

In among all of this musical majesty, Galanos pours his personal turmoil and truth into his writing. Rarely do you get such a musically compelling act who simultaneously hold nothing back in their songwriting. You get all of the artist on this EP, and that makes the music even more valuable and easy to connect with.

Adding further fuel to the fire is the final song on the project, People Just Don’t Give A Damn – a song that feels like an absolute anthem; the sort that would bring a live audience together for the energetic peak of a live show. A touch of harmonica throws a little more colour into the mix. Rhythmically this is another upbeat and infectious piece of music and performance – the paired vocals add to that sense of togetherness and help end the playlist on a high. The concept gets you thinking a little more deeply on life, on the world and your role within it – the music makes you feel OK about doing that; it’s not overwhelming, it’s invigorating.

George Blue Galanos offers a fine mix of stunning guitar playing, creativity, considerate writing, and almighty blues-rock rhythms. His voice is also loaded with character, so the more you hear of his work, the more you recognise and relate to the sound.

Download the EP via Bandcamp or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow George Blue Galanos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud or visit his Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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